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In Search of the Perfect Party

Title: In Search of the Perfect Party
Fandom: None
Genre: Triple Limerick
Characters: Me!
Rating: G
Word Count: 93 (according to MS Word)
Notes / Warnings: Written for the "Mardi Gras" prompt at [ profile] ljlimericks. Cross-posted there and at at my main blog.

In Search of the Perfect Party

I first flew down to Rio
Carnivale there for to see-oh.
The ladies were bare,
Wore feathers in their hair,
And none of them looked like me-oh. (Which is a really good thing, trust me.)

I then traveled on to Venice
Where I found all that water a menace.
I did too much drinking
And woke up thinking
Someone was in my head playing tennis.

So I came home for Mardi Gras
With my brother and sister-in-law.
My nephews were jumpin’
Yelling, “Mister, throw me somethin’!”
They’re the cutest kids you ever saw.