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Title: Wedding Woes
Fandom: None
Genre: Six-Stanza Limerick
Characters: Me, Hubs, and others
Rating: G
Word Count: 184 (according to MS Word)
Notes / Warnings: Written for the "Wedding Day" prompt at [ profile] ljlimericks. Cross-posted there and at at my main blog.

Wedding Woes

For me, the big day appeared
With none of the problems I’d feared.
My husband-to-be
Was not so lucky,
And this is his tale right here:

The day he drove down to my town
Two feet of the white stuff came down.
He spun out on the road
And had to be towed,
Which he paid the man for with a frown.

He continued his run of bad luck
Wedding-Day-Minus-One, with his tux.
In the shopkeeper did prance
And handed him baggy striped pants!
Good thing the guy knew how to duck.

The day of, my husband’s first stop
Was to pick up things at the florist’s shop.
When they told him my flowers
Wouldn’t be done for hours,
You could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

“And your aisle runner? Oh dear…
We don’t seem to have one around here.
No, it’s not just mislaid.
Okay, have an upgrade.”
I think an explosion they feared.

Despite all this trouble and woe
Our wedding was still set to go.
Now twenty-six years on
The memories aren’t gone,
So a renewal-of-vows is a “No!”


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