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The tags *points to sidebar* will also help you find your way around.  Assume slash, m'kay?  I'll warn for explicit het.

ETA 2017: Any work marked as a WIP should be considered abandoned.

One-Chapter Fics: Doctor Who / Torchwood (in chronological order)

Whose Demons                                         Doctor Who, Five, NC-17 (BDSM, slash)
Farringham: The John Smith series      Doctor Who, Ten AU, NC-17 (BDSM, slash)
       Digging the Pit
       Springing the Trap
Dancing Lesson                                        Doctor Who, Academy Days, PG
On the Nature of Whirlwinds                     Doctor Who, Ten, G
Played: The Nyssa series                       Doctor Who, Ten PG-13 (het, character death)
      Blinded Me with Science
      I Can See for Miles
Oh, Behave!                                              Doctor Who, Ten, G
Merlin                                                        Doctor Who, Three, PG
Five on Top                                                Doctor Who, Five, NC-17
The Unexpected                                        Doctor Who, Three, G

One-Chapter Fics: Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes (in chronological order)

Aftermath                                                  Life on Mars, PG, season 1
Rubies                                                      Life on Mars, PG
A Year in the Life                                      Life on Mars, G
Once a Red                                              Life on Mars, G, season 1
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Manchester         Life on Mars, PG
Tale as Old...                                            Life on Mars, G
The Galloping... Scientist?                       Life on Mars, R
Bathtime Surprise                                     Life on Mars, PG
Guacamole Olé                                         Life on Mars, NC-17
Steel and Leather                                     Life on Mars, PG, season1, ref: Ashes to Ashes season 1
Get the Lead Out                                      Life on Mars, G
Not-So-Silent Night                                   Life on Mars, PG
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth       Life on Mars, PG, season 2
Clue Hunt                                                  Life on Mars, PG
Changes                                                   Life on Mars, G
Tale as Old... PODCAST                          Life on Mars, G
Roses are Red                                          Life on Mars, G
A Sure Thing                                             Life on Mars, G, season 2

One-Chapter Fics: The Professionals (in chronological order)

In the Pink                                                 Season 1, G
Wedding Conversations                                            PG
The Blow (a sestina)                                                   G
He Likes a Challenge                                                PG

Chapter Fics

The Low Spark          Torchwood, Owen-centric, post-DW season 3, pre-TW season 2, NC-17 (non-con, violence)
Mary Sue                   Doctor Who, Five AU, PG or R
Mary Sue Too!           Doctor Who, Five AU, PG or R
Three for Mary Sue   Doctor Who, Five AU, PG or R  WIP
Datter av Stormen     Doctor Who, Ten AU, post-season 4, G (may change) WIP
A Home                      Doctor Who, Ten, mid-season 4, PG WIP
C.I.D. Manchester      Life on Mars, PG, season 2

Drabbles: Doctor Who / Torchwood (in chronological order)

For Everything, A Reason                                Torchwood, season 1
Replacement                                                    Torchwood, season 1, PG-13
Small Voice                                                      Torchwood, season 1
The Game Ends                                               Doctor Who, Ten, season 3
What's In a Name?                                           Doctor Who, Ten, season 3
Unknown                                                          Doctor Who, Ten, season 3
Teach Me                                                         Torchwood, season 1
The Same Thing Happens Every Time            Doctor Who
One Too Many                                                  Doctor Who, season 3
Stepping Out                                                    Torchwood, season 1
Long Time Ago When We Was Fab                 Doctor Who, Two
Perilous Perch                                                  Torchwood, season 1
Perspective                                                       Doctor Who, Five
Tosh's Demons                                                 Torchwood, season 1
Beardy Master Appreciation Society                 Doctor Who, Seven or earlier
Artistic                                                               Doctor Who, post season 3
Baby, It's Cold Outside                                      Torchwood, season 1
Short-lived                                                         Torchwood, season 2
Bad Impression                                                  Doctor Who, Five and Ten, CIN 2007 special
First Night                                                          Torchwood, season 1
Neither of Them Could Resist (double)              Doctor Who, Five
What Might Have Been                                      Doctor Who, Three
Table Challenge  (20)                                         Doctor Who, old and new
Candlelight Bath (5 - part of Table Challenge)   Doctor Who, old and new
Legends                                                             Doctor Who, post Time War
Behind the Lock                                                 Doctor Who, post End of Time Part 2

Drabbles: Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes (in chronological order)

Bookends (Double)                                           Life on Mars, season 1
Playing - Winning - Celebrating (3)                   Life on Mars, season 1
Playing 2 - Winning 2 - Celebrating 2 (3)          Life on Mars, season 1
Preparations                                                      Life on Mars
Classic                                                               Life on Mars
Tomb                                                                  Life on Mars
Lead On                                                             Life on Mars
Gone                                                                  Life on Mars, season 2
Ease My Worried Mind                                       Life on Mars, season 2
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth                Life on Mars, season 2
Hirsute                                                                Life on Mars
Take My Heart and Please Don't Break It          Life on Mars
To Have and Have Not                                       Life on Mars
Peak                                                                   Life on Mars
No Number, No Call                                           Life on Mars
Je Suis Enchante'                                               Life on Mars
Lucky                                                                  Life on Mars
Whoops                                                              Life on Mars
Odd Jobs                                                            Life on Mars
In the Pits with Ray                                            Life on Mars
Together                                                             Life on Mars, post season 2
Settled                                                                Life on Mars, post season 2 (het)
Annie Cartwright's Diary                                     Life on Mars
Temptation                                                          Life on Mars
That's Just Ducky                                                Life on Mars
Topsy-Turvy                                                        Life on Mars
Temptation                                                           Life on Mars

Drabbles: Demons (in chronological order)

Promises - Begin Again - Legacy - Souvenir  (4)                           S01 E01
Managing - Good in the Dark - Unknowing - Had a Bad Day  (4)  S01 E02

Drabbles: The Professionals. (in chronological order)

Beast of Burden (trabble)                                    PG
Secret Message                                                    PG
Off Series:
     Off the Charts                                                  G
     Off His Game (droubble)                                  G
     Off Your Chest (trabble)                                   G
     Off the Clock (trabble)                                      G
     Off His Nut                                                       G
How do I shag Ray? (Sonnet 43, revised)         NC-17
Shall I compare Ray to a summer's day?          NC-17
On the Road(ie) Again                                          G
Rrrrrip                                                                   PG
Change is Good                                                   PG

Drabbles: Man from U.N.C.L.E. (in chronological order)

Observation's Not Enough                                   G
Brrr                                                                       G
Rock the Boat                                                      G
Black Magic Woman (droubble)                           G
Neatnik  (frabble)                                                PG
Five Six-Word Stories (6-words)                   G - PG
Six More Six-Word Stories (6-words)            G - PG
Peppermint Series:
     At the Peppermint Lounge (trabble)                G
     The Peppermint Twist (500 words)                PG
Misnomer                                                             G
Out in the Cold                                                     G
Undercover Conversation                                    G
Boots                                                                    G
Avoidance Tactics                                                G
There's Something to It                                        G

Drabbles: The Sentinel (in chronological order)

All That Glitters                                                    G

Non-Fandom Poems (in chronological order)

I Hate Shoveling!                                                  G
Whose Coat is It?                                                 G
The Stork Club                                                     G
Oh, What a Knight!                                               G
In Search of the Perfect Party                             PG
Spring Break                                                         G
Wedding Woes                                                     G
Don't Pretend                                                        G
Borrrring!                                                               G
Whoops!                                                                G
We're not so close any more                                G
Assignation                                                           G
Boing! Boing!                                                        G
A Word of Warning, or "Red is not your color"      G
The curse of "owning" a teen                                G
And they always get caught                                  G
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